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The goal of our curriculum is to teach with all learning styles in mind while having fun since play is our brain’s favorite way of learning. Our curriculum meets all kindergarten readiness guidelines and has been proven effective in working across age ranges, genders, and ethnicities. The curriculum supports a child – initiated, hands – on learning environment in which the teacher is responsible for promoting each child’s interests and choices. We will provide opportunities that include visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic learning. The objective is to have your child connect, reflect, engage, and be able to give feedback in their preferred method of communication.

Language & Literacy

We inspire an adoration of reading and language by encouraging communication and vocabulary development. We create a literacy-rich environment and introduce children to a diverse range of stories.

Social Emotional

Children discover how to share and respect the feelings of others while learning how they fit into the local community and the world. We use games, books, and problem-solving activities to teach and reinforce character instruction.



We help children develop mobility, balance and fine motor skills through dance, games and physical activities. Basic nutritional concepts are introduced to help children make healthy lifestyle choices as they grow. 

creative expression

We encourage children to create sounds, explore textures, and discover music and art in various ways. Through music, art and imaginative play, children learn self-expression and creative thinking.


We give children hands-on experience with math concepts such as patterns, sizes, shapes, and number concepts. Those concepts are age appropriate and may be demonstrated with the use of a variety of manipulatives.


We introduce different types of families, community helpers, explore geography and culture, and create science experiments. Science and social studies include the use of foods, outside resources, and crafts to gain comprehension.


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